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Mobu Connect - pack of 2 cable holders

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Easily access the cables you need when you need them.

Expected release date is 2nd Jul 2018

Supercharge your mobu cable organising powers with mobu connect!

With mobu connect you can use mobu to hold charger cables in easy to reach places around the home or office.

  • Easily fixes to most surfaces with removable adhesive tape (included)
  • Works with mobu to hold up to 6 charger cables within easy reach
  • Stops charger cables falling to the floor when you unplug your devices


Got yourself a pack of Mobu? Then Mobu Connect is the perfect accessory!

You can think of Mobu Connect as the perfect cable anchor for your charging cables around the home or office. Used in conjunction with Mobu, you can use Mobu Connect to snap charging cables to the sides of desks, coffee tables, bedside tables and to many other surfaces quickly and easily. This ensures they’re always within reach and never slip out of site when you unplug your devices.

This versatile cable holder, working in perfect harmony with Mobu, makes the ultimate cable management system. Whether you’re looking to keep cables organised in your office, or route cables in discrete places around the home Mobu and Mobu Connect make this quick, easy and affordable. All whilst looking the part.

Mobu Connect is equally at home in a professional environment as it is for home life. Whether you’re a photographer or audio technician who has a lot of cable to store, or someone who just hates constantly reaching on the floor for their phone charger cable, Mobu Connect is a must have!