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mobu (6 pack) - PREORDER

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mobu (6 pack) - PREORDER

Expected release date is 30th Apr 2018

Shipping Spring 2018


mobu, the world's most versatile cable clip, stops your earphones tangling without the need for timely winding.

  • Attaches to any cable size up to 4mm thick
  • mobu clips snap together to connect cables in loops, preventing tangling
  • Works together with mobu connect to keep you organised at home
  • Comes in three different colours to help ID cables


Did you know your earphones can form up to 120 different “complex knots” when jumbling around in your pocket or bag? Mobu is here to put an end to that.

Mobu is the world’s most versatile cable clip. This easy to use clip attaches to earphones, headphones, and USB power leads to prevent tangling.

Did you know that the reason cables tangle is mostly due to their loose ends forming knots? In fact the odds are as high as 50% that a knot will form for many earphones! What Mobu does is act as “connection points” between these loose ends when you snap two Mobus together, ensuring that when you pull your earbuds or charging cables out of your bag or pocket, they’re not tangled.

We think Mobu is the perfect cable tidy, it’s easy to use (just “snap” and store) and stops tangling, all while not requiring winding or unwinding of your earphones. Using Mobu whilst putting your earphones in your pocket in a hurry is almost as quick as just putting them in your pocket by themselves, primed and ready to tangle...

Unlike cable ties, Mobu is fully removeable, so if you upgrade your earphones you can reuse your existing Mobu clips! Additionally, its compact size makes it one of the smallest cable organisers out there, ensuring it takes up less space in your pocket.

Mobu’s patent pending design means that this tiny cable organiser can attached to any cable size from skinny earphone wires up to 4mm thick USB charger cords, so you don’t have to worry about which size to get. Once attached, our trusty cord organiser stays securely in place and can snap together with other Mobus as and when needed.

Mobu comes in three different colours, allowing you to blend it in with the colour of your earphones. Alternatively, you can make a statement and have Mobu stand out in contrast, or even use it to help you identify which cable is which in your bag (e.g. micro USB VS USB-C).

What’s more, Mobu works brilliantly with Mobu Connect.  This accessory allows you to use Mobu clips to attach charger cables to desks, coffee tables, bedside tables and more. Ensuring they’re always within easy reach and never slip out of site when your device is unplugged.



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