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Environmental Protection Policy


Version 22 Design LTD. undertakes to monitor and manage all aspects of its processes and services in a professional and responsible manner, thus lowering negative impacts on the environment to the lowest degree possible. By stimulating development and modern business processes and operations management aimed at reducing detrimental effects on the environment, Version 22 induces awareness of the constant need for environment protection among its employees.

This Environmental Protection Policy was posted on July 13, 2018.



Version 22 Design LTD. continuously plans, executes, controls and assesses the efficacy of our activities directed towards environmental protection by fulfilling requirements prescribed by international norms and regulations, and the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in order to improve environmental quality and reduce harmful effects on the environment.

Our primary missions at Version 22 are to:

  • implement new environmentally friendly materials and substitute substances that affect the environment directly or indirectly.
  • aim to reduce harmful effects on the environment through our business processes.
  • use energy more efficiently by limiting the use of electrical items as much as possible and turning off electrical items instead of leaving on standby.
  • manage waste by reducing the total amount of waste produced, choosing more recyclable materials, and reducing the amount of single-use items used by Version 22 from processes and at the locations of our offices. Thus contributing to the sustainable development principle.
  • pay special attention to water protection by using water rationally.
  • compost degradable materials instead of disposing in general waste.
  • substitute where possible, a paper-less electronic solution for paperwork and documents.
  • communicate these points to all employees and persons working for and on behalf of the organisation.

We have established and applied our environmental management system, constant education, professional development and employee motivations at all organisational levels to develop and induce awareness in the need for environmental protection, and to reduce where possible, pollution prevention to the best of our ability.

Environmental management is part of Version 22’s business strategy, while customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business policy. We strive to be the best at what we do, focus on what is important for building and improving out environmental management system, and create the atmosphere of trust based on mutual respect among employees and other interested parties.

In the quality implementation of the requirements listed in the environment protection management system we have support from all our employees, whose personal accountability is a link in the chain of quality and successfulness of the system as a whole.

If you have any observations, suggestions or inquiries concerning environmental protection that could help us improve our system, please send them to or by post to Version 22 Design LTD., Jason Works, Clarence Street, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 1DX, United Kingdom.