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mobu T2 Samples, How-To Use mobu & CrowdOx Surveys

mobu T2 Samples, How-To Use mobu & CrowdOx Surveys

Posted by Lee on 19th Dec 2017

Welcome to the 8th week since we reached the end of mobu's Kickstarter campaign!

mobu T2 Samples

The T2 (second attempt) samples of mobu arrived over the weekend so we’re excited to begin testing them over the next few days. We’re hopeful that the changes made to the connector mechanism have increased mobu’s durability sufficiently.

As with the previous samples theses samples have been produced using a transparent plastic, and so don’t look like the final clips will.

These changes, as mentioned in a previous update, may well have the knock-on effect of us to be shipping later than planned, perhaps in February instead of January. However, we’re going to do everything we can to get to get mobu into your hands as soon as possible! When we have a more concrete idea of a completion date you’ll be the first to know.

How-To Use mobu

Whilst we've been finishing up the final touches of the mobu packaging, we've taken some new photos to show you all how to use it.

Step 1: Open mobu by lifting the catch

Step 2: Fix cable in place (method depends on cable size).

Step 3: Snap mobu closed around the cable. Hold the cable in place if necessary.

Nimble Christmas Bundle

We've released the Nimble Christmas Bundle that includes 3x Nimble, 1x Cutting Mat, 1x Carry Bag and 3x Re-Sealable Stickers for all your Christmas needs, whether it's a hand with your gift wrapping, or a gift in itself!

Get 25% off this bundle and Free Worldwide delivery on orders over £40.

Order before midnight tonight to guarantee UK delivery by the end of the week. The 25% off offer ends when 2018 begins.

Step 1: Open mobu by lifting the catch

Easily open packets and parcels with 1 finger, and cut tape and wrapping paper too… Keep your home kitchen and furniture scratch-free with the Nimble Cutting Mat, and use it to help open tough jars!

The bundle also includes a custom-printed drawstring canvas bag to keep Nimble safe, and 3 resealable stickers to seal things you open with Nimble.

CrowdOx Survey

We still have some people left that need to fill out their surveys, so if you haven't done that yet, please make sure it's all filled out! If you've lost your survey, you can retrieve your personal link here. There are 76 people left to go out of 738 - that's 9% who haven't secured their shipping address with us!

If you have any issues with your survey, please contact us here.

Until next time,
Simon & Lee
Version 22 Team

P.s. We're taking the Christmas holidays off and won't be back with an update until 9th January. Happy holidays!