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Mobu Kickstarter Update: Week 37 - Production Update & Vote Results

Mobu Kickstarter Update: Week 37 - Production Update & Vote Results

Posted by Lee Barguss on 9th Jul 2018

Welcome to the 37th week since we reached the end of Mobu's Kickstarter campaign!


Production Update

We're now expecting final colour samples of Mobu Connect to arrive in the office any day now, so we'll be making sure that everything's ready to go ahead for production with Mobu Connect. We're expecting a shorter production time with Mobu Connect as we're not nearly having as many of them produced as we are Mobu.

The factory surprised us with some extra costs for the Mobu Connect packaging assembly, so we'll be flying them over straight to the UK and packing them ourselves. We've sourced all the materials we need, so we're ready to go ahead with that as soon as they arrive.

Finally, we've been banging out some kinks in both of the packaging designs to make sure it'll do it's job of protecting Mobu and Mobu Connect and we've had some samples made to test the tear-away perforations on the back before we approve them for production.


Cut lines are in blue and score are in green
Cut lines are in blue and score are in green


With regards to the main production of Mobu, we're just waiting on that going ahead. A Backer has commented on the main page here, suggesting that the "factory communicates via pigeons"... and it certainly feels like that.

Just so you all understand the communication process, we're sending our information over to a "middle-man" company that handles all of our communication with the factory. It then gets sent over to the factory managers and then again onto the project manager. To get a message back, it has to go through the same process.

It can be really frustrating waiting so long when we're in the very final stages of getting production finalised. That said, the company in the middle do a great job of ensuring nothing gets lost in translation with the language difference and they help a lot with quality assurance too, so it's definitely worth working with them on this project.



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Vote Results

Results are in from last Update's vote on how you guys want to receive information from us:

  • 67 votes for Regular (Every 2 weeks, no excuses)
  • 58 votes for Semi-Regular (When there's info to share)

But we had people voting for Other and choosing the following:

  • 1 extra votes for Regular (Every 2 weeks)
  • 10 extra votes for Semi-Regular or every 1 month just to show we're still present.


Vote Results
Vote Results


As you can see it was pretty much tied, so we're going to go ahead and continue posting Updates every 2-4 weeks depending on the importance of the information being shared.


Until next time,
Simon and Lee
Version 22 Team