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Mobu Kickstarter Update: Week 33 - Update Conflict & Factory Update

Mobu Kickstarter Update: Week 33 - Update Conflict & Factory Update

Posted by Lee Barguss on 12th Jun 2018

Welcome to the 33rd week since we reached the end of Mobu's Kickstarter campaign!

No More Video Updates

Last update we shared with you all a video update. It seems you preferred our written updates however, so we're going ahead and switching back to the written updates for now.

Update Conflict

We've been getting a bunch of messages from Backers asking what's happening with this project. Long story short, we're still as fast as we're able to. I'll get into the details further down the page.

But first, I wanted to again address our conflict with sharing regular updates compared to semi-regular updates. We've been delayed because of a number of things since we completed the campaign here on Kickstarter, from tweaking the final product to make it more durable, to waiting for Chinese New Year to blow over before we can continue with our production.

While we've been waiting to get updates from our factory, there hasn't been much to share with you (apart from the fact that we're waiting around), but after the experience of other campaigns under our belts, it was a unanimous team decision to keep you all updated every couple of weeks, even if there was nothing to share - just to show you that we hadn't disappeared on you!

However, it seemed these frequent but brief "check-in" updates weren't everyone's cup of tea, so we decided to go ahead with running semi-regular updates instead. Now we're getting just as many messages suggesting that we're not posting enough and wondering what we're doing! So, we thought let's settle this the fun way... with a vote.

Click through to let us know what you think!
Click through to let us know what you think!

Factory Update

Since we last spoke on here, we've had a few misunderstandings with the factory, which has been the main cause of the recent delays.

The production run so far has proved to be more costly than expected/quoted, eating further and further into our buffer money, therefore we've been proactively re-visiting costings with the factory. On top of this there was a misunderstanding with how the product was to be packaged by the factory. This has been resolved now too. Production is expected to take weeks not months (which is great) and we're looking at expedited shipping options to speed things up too.

We wanted to take the chance to thank everyone for their patience and support so far! We know it will be worth the wait :)

Until next time,
Simon and Lee

Version 22 Team

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