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Mobu Kickstarter Update: Week 27 - Brief Update, Mobu Connect Tape Testing & Mobu on TV

Mobu Kickstarter Update: Week 27 - Brief Update, Mobu Connect Tape Testing & Mobu on TV

Posted by Simon Lyons on 2nd May 2018

Welcome to the 27th week since we reached the end of Mobu's Kickstarter campaign!




An Update on the Updates

When we finished the Mobu Kickstarter campaign back in October, we made the following promise to you guys:

"We're going to aim to update you on here at least every two weeks, come rain or shine. We're going to be transparent - not going quiet on you if we hit a speed bump - and we're going to share as much of the behind-the-scenes stuff as we can as Mobu makes the journey from prototype to real-life product in your homes."

The aim of this was to keep up a conversation that builds a good level of trust between Version 22 (us) and yourselves. Now, for the last few months, we've been getting many messages insisting that we stop with the campaign updates due to lack of substance.

Although we'd like to continue with our promise of updating every 2 weeks, rain or shine to build that trust, there's a large majority of Backers who are communicating that they'd rather not receive updates unless we have something to share. So, that's what we'll be doing from now until the end of the project.

We really do hope that this is a better option than before! We'd also like to insist that if you have any questions about the status of the project, that you check out our Updates page or FAQ page before getting in touch.



Mobu on Television

Now, our last update let you all know that Mobu and Simon would be featured on a cool new show on Channel 4 called Buy It Now!

This was a great opportunity for Simon to showcase our prototype Mobu to the country, and he even got a pre-order from one of our favourite online stores Firebox.


In the UK? You might still be able to watch the full pitch here (Series 1, Episode 1): Watch here


Find out more about Mobu here: Learn more


Read all about Simon's experience on National TV: Read more


Here's a trailer we made with some clips of the show:



Until next time,
Simon and Lee
Version 22 Team