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From Idea To Amazon: Step 4 - Sketching & Brainstorming

From Idea To Amazon: Step 4 - Sketching & Brainstorming

Posted by Simon Lyons on 5th Jul 2018


Ever wondered how to bring that product idea scribbled on a napkin in last night's bar into a reality? We come all come up with revolutionary ideas that simply don't make it to market because of the many, many hurdles you need to overcome to actually get it out there.

So, I've written a helpful guide to get your idea from that concept you thought of in the shower to a product that you can sell on Amazon. Missed the first step? Head on over to Step 1 before you go any further.



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4. Sketching & Brainstorming

Before investing money into making prototypes of your product idea, it’s always wise to start with a simple sketch.

Why Is Sketching Important?

Sketching helps you:

  1. Clearly visualize the idea that, up until now, was in your head.
  2. Start to think more in-depth about the details that would make it work.
  3. Spot potential problems with your idea early on.
  4. Set you up for the subsequent stages of product development.

Early sketches of our product Geco Hub

It’s all about quantity at this stage, instead of spending ages getting one drawing just right, draw your idea as many times as you can.

Sketching The Details

When it comes to these tricky details - be it a particular mechanism, moving part or complex shape - I always find it helpful to sketch these details separately from the main product to really get your head around them.



That's all for now, but tune in next week for Step 5! Any questions? Let us know in the comments.