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22 Review: Issue 108 - Expensive Art Made from Fizzy Drink Cans

22 Review: Issue 108 - Expensive Art Made from Fizzy Drink Cans

Posted by Lee Barguss on 27th Apr 2018

Issue 108: April 27, 2018

The 22 Review is our way of sharing the interesting, exciting and thought-provoking things we come across each week. We pick the best 2 finds and add in a little extra something too. Enjoy!

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Noah Deledda, an artist from Detroit, sculpts aluminium cans by sanding and polishing each before he starts so that they're left with a shiny finish. He then makes intricate patterns using just his fingers!

Deledda came up with the idea when he was bored, playing with a can in the back of a car. Red Bull now hosts a competition each year where contestants make art using their cans - which Deledda won back in 2010. When he's done, Deledda mounts them in an acrylic box and sells them starting at £1,400 each.




This crazy machine can dig trenches as deep as 5m and as wide as 1.5m in a matter of seconds. Made by a company called NextTrencher, they have been specifically designed for digging for pipework.

They can deal with rocks and abrasive conditions, so can be used to help lay new sewers, water pipes and gas projects. The company also makes trenching discs which dig holes 1.2m deep and up to 0.3m wide, just for laying cables quickly such as fibre optics. Fantastic inventions for helping to develop new industrial projects in a speedy way.




This week, we've taken another approach to our Instagram account and we'd like to know your thoughts are on whether we should continue!

We've been posting 2-3 times a day, sharing cool ideas and inventions we've found through the week as well as showing off our products.

Did you notice a difference? Also, how many posts have you seen? Which posts did you dig? Let us know by commenting below!



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