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22 Review #197 - What's inside your electronics?

22 Review #197 - What's inside your electronics?

Posted by Lee Barguss on 28th Feb 2020

The 22 Review is our way of sharing the interesting, exciting and thought-provoking things we come across each week. We pick the best 2 finds and add in a little extra something too. Enjoy!

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A Canadian company has created a turbine that makes green energy for your home using a river's perpetual flow. Idenergie's river turbine can provide energy 24 hours a day and create up to 12kWh, which is enough to power a home!

It takes 3 people to be installed manually and needs to be connected to an electrical generator. The company also says there is no evidence that the turbine is harmful to aquatic life, so no fish will get trapped or injured in the turbine.


Industrial designer Dina Amin takes discarded consumer products apart to see exactly what makes them tick. The hobby exposes just how many resources and materials consumers throw away.

She made a new stop-motion animation called What’s Inside that is a supercut of Amin’s breakdowns of familiar items, each splayed in perfect grids of all the materials that make the products.

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Well, in case you haven't heard by now, we're launching Geco Hub 2.0's highly anticipated Kickstarter campaign next Tuesday at 8am (GMT).

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