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22 Review #196 - Smog Free Tower

22 Review #196 - Smog Free Tower

Posted by Lee Barguss on 21st Feb 2020

The 22 Review is our way of sharing the interesting, exciting and thought-provoking things we come across each week. We pick the best 2 finds and add in a little extra something too. Enjoy!

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The Smog Free Tower creates smog free air zones in polluted areas wherever they're situated. It allows people to breathe and experience what clean air in a city really means, and combined with high-tech science, by compressing the filtered smog particles, they create jewellery.

The Smog Free Ring is made from smog collected in a 1,000m³. The carbon is compressed into a cube and surrounded by a transparent cube and put onto a stainless steel ring. The project also offers a bike that also sucks up polluted air during the rider's commute, cleans the air and blows it at the rider.


The soundshirt is a haptic wearable device that allows deaf users to feel music on their skin. Designed by fashion tech company Cute Circuit, the sound shirt brings music to life using a series of haptic sensors that are built into the material.

The Soundshirt features 30 micro-actuators embedded in the fabric of the garment. These sensors translate the sound in real-time, into a tactile language that is unique to each piece of music being performed.

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