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22 Review #194 - Uniformity in the Bedroom

22 Review #194 - Uniformity in the Bedroom

Posted by Lee Barguss on 7th Feb 2020

The 22 Review is our way of sharing the interesting, exciting and thought-provoking things we come across each week. We pick the best 2 finds and add in a little extra something too. Enjoy!

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Layer has developed a concept for an autonomous ride-sharing service based on aeroplane cabins, that avoids the guilt of booking single passenger journeys without compromising on privacy. The vehicle consists of two rows of eight modular seats set in S-shaped pairs that face opposite directions to maximise each individual's privacy.

Attached to the top of each seat is a curved component with "wings" that can be pushed away from the sitter to open up their field of vision, or back towards them to close their area off. The Joyn concept was driven by skepticism around the safety and sustainability of ride-sharing services, which saw the recent loss of Uber's license to operate in London.


Most hangers aren’t really consciously designed because they always play second fiddle to the most important items in the wardrobe - the clothes. The Hurdle Hanger, on the other hand, is conscientiously designed to make sure it supports and protects the clothes you wear. It comes with a slightly deformed, asymmetric design that gives it strength as well as the ability to hold all your clothes.

Its unique form lets you slide shirts and tees into it in a mere second, without stretching the neck-hole. The same form gives the Hurdle its ability to easily hold scarves, as well as easily hang trousers from. A larger loop (the c-type hook) on one end of the hanger even supports belts, letting you hang them by the buckle. Its universal design holds any type of clothing so it can promote uniformity in your wardrobe.

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Work has been flying this last week on getting the Geco Hub Kickstarter campaign up and running. First draft of the campaign video has been filmed and is being edited as we speak, the page is almost halfway setup with content, and our marketing schedule is being written to prepare for the big day.

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