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100 To Launch - Kickstarter Video Shoot

100 To Launch - Kickstarter Video Shoot

Posted by Simon Lyons on 30th Jan 2020

Big news this week! Photography and videography for the Geco Hub Kickstarter campaign have begun!

Today I spent most of the day recording face-to-camera video segments and voiceover audio using a very budget – but effective – setup. (My “camera rig” of a flexible mobile phone tripod and an ironing board can be seen above!)

Watch the video below and listen to the latest podcast episode to find out how the day went, how I “acquired” a new phone and a set of car keys to use as props, and why things got so hot and bothered…

What's 100 To Launch?

My name is Simon and I’ve challenged myself to launch a Kickstarter campaign for my product Geco Hub in 100 days, with the aim of raising £100,000.