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August 2017: National Press & and the “Glowing” Success of a Recent DIY Project

Another month, another heap to report!

August has been a month full of surprise media appearances, prototypes galore and some exciting developments to boot.

Read on for the juicy highlights….

Nimble in the Independent


Completely unexpectedly Simon was invited to be interviewed by the Independent about Nimble, and about how entering competitions in the early stages of business can help get ideas off the ground. This all came about because of Nimble’s involvement with the Inclusive Technology Prize run by Nesta.

We though Nimble would perhaps get a short mention in the article but the Independent surprised us by including several paragraphs from the interview and a picture! You can read the article in full here.


A trip to BBC Broadcasting House


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Again unexpectedly, Simon got invited down to BBC Broadcasting House in London to talk on BBC Radio London about being an inventor and what it’s like trying to get a product to market.

This all happened very fast indeed… an email arrived on Thursday and by Saturday Simon was sat in the studio with his own mic!

Simon chatted with DJ Simon Ledermen about everything from self-cooling drinks cans to how much the first prototype of Nimble cost. You can listen here for the next 18 days (the link may not work if you’re based in the UK), jump to the 1:15:00 mark to catch the start of the interview.

(Note: We will be embedding the audio from the interview on here as soon as we have it)


A DIY Project

In a flurry of inspiration, and in the mood for DIY, Simon set out to build a low-cost UV curing chamber to help our strengthen our 3D printed parts once they were complete.

To build this curing chamber he used:

  • A cardboard box
  • Some tin foil
  • Some double-sided tape
  • Sugru (we wrote about this brilliant stuff here)
  • A UV nail varnish curer
  • A solar powered turntable (the type normally used for in shop windows in jewelry stores etc.)

Here’s a video of the interior in action.



Simon got the instructions from a video Formlabs, the company that make our 3D printer, made. You can watch that here.


Tangled Earphones Annoy You? We’re working on something you might like…

The reason for the new 3D printer and the curing chamber? We’ve been working on a new product!

We can’t say much right now except:

  • It’s launching on Kickstarter very soon
  • If tangled earphones and charger cables annoy you then you’ll love it!

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