Things We Like: Boosted Board

Environmentally concious? City dweller? Adrenaline junkie? Then a Boosted Board might be for you.

As the name suggests, Boosted Boards are long boards with a difference, they’re powered by (very strong) electric motors! This electric drive is controlled by a handheld bluetooth remote which allows you to accelarate and brake on demand. No more breaking into a sweat in your work clothes.

Range? At between 6-12km depending on which battery pack you go for it ain’t a Tesla. But that’s not the point at all. The Boosted Board is for people with daily communites that are too long to walk and to short to drive. You can pick it up and carry it onto a train in no time at all, taking up far less space than you would with a bike. And, if you’re getting into a taxi you can just put it in the boot!

Being battery powered and rechargeable it lays claim to the title of “the world’s lightest electric vehicle” which I think is pretty cool. You can be environmentally conscious without lugging around a heavy electric bike or even, dare I say it, a Segway…

The downsides? For me personally there are two.

  1. The first is that’s it’s not cheap, if you want one you’re going to be looking at around £1,500 by the time to gets over here to the UK (they start at $1,299 in the US). This is considerably more than a regular long board, but then I think it would be more fair to compare it to an electric bike or road bike or folding bike, as these are the things it is competing with really and then the price tag doesn’t seem so steep.
  2. The second is a personal one, although I have used skateboards quite a lot in the past I wouldn’t consider myself a confident user at all, especially if it came to driving alongside traffic. These boards ain’t no joke either, they can reach speeds of 22MPH! Anyway like I said, this is something stopping me personally from taking the plunge and getting myself one, don’t let it stop you.

A few interesting Boosted Board facts to finish:

  1. They started life as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2011 where they raised nearly $500,000.
  2. They work closely with, and have been massively popularised by, Caisey Neistat, one of the most well know YouTube vloggers.

If you want to learn more, you can visit the Boosted Board site here. They also have a really nice Instagram account.



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