Things We Like: Helix by Joseph Joseph

At Version 22 our mission is to create original products that take a new approach to existing problems. This is why the Helix juicer by Joseph Joseph caught our eye.

Wait… Who or What is Joseph Joseph?

Joseph Joseph was a design firm founded by twin brothers from England, Richard and Anthony Joseph (if you still don’t know where the name came from get in touch and let us know).

Anthony is on the left, Richard is on the right.

They started a kitchenware business in 2003 which over the next 10 or so years grew to become one of the most recognised kitchenware brands in the UK and even worldwide. From a simple range of chopping boards, Joseph Joseph have gone on to ultimately re-design most utensils you find in your kitchen and now sell into over 100 countries, with offices all over the world.


Back to Helix

Juicing lemons and limes is something people have needed to do ever since cooking in a kitchen or making cocktails was a thing. So, for a long time in other words.

If you wanted to juice lemons or limes 50 years ago, something like this was what you likely used:

A 1950’s style juicer

Then new design after new design popped up using the same form but putting it on a handle, or adding a seed filter, or even making it look like a rocket…

But ultimately, all used the same principle, provide a “spike” of sorts to juice against, combined with a manually twisting action, the effectiveness of which depended heavily on the person doing the juicing.

That was the case anyway, until Joseph Joseph decided to do something about it. They likely looked at the problem from first principles (I’m guessing). In other worlds they asked “how do we get juice out of these lemons and limes easily?” rather than trying to incrementally improve upon the “spike and twist” method predominantly used with pre-existing products.

Thus, they invented Helix.

The Helix citrus juicer

Helix juices lemons and limes in a completely different way, by creating a product that turns a different, easier, motion into a pressing force to juice with. By using levers that move inwards together, it means the motion required to operate it uses much bigger muscle groups in the chest and arms so is therefore easier for people to achieve than with arm strength alone.

The video below shows nicely how the Helix juicer, as well as its companion products a garlic crusher and potato ricer, works.