Things We Like: Panobook by Studio Neat

You may remember that we interviewed the guys at Studio Neat a while back (you can read the interview here).

Well we’ve got an exciting development for you. Unbeknown to us they had been working on a new product behind the scenes and they just launched it as their 8th, yes 8th, Kickstarter campaign!

The product is called Panobook and predictably they are already wildly above the original goal and it’s only day 3 at the time of writing. So, what is Panobook? Well as the name might suggest it has a rather panoramic format, being much wider than it is tall:


This means it lends itself well to being used in the following ways:


Which I can see as being very useful indeed! Why, as I type this I’m sitting at my desk in front of the computer and have not one, not two but three notebooks scattered around my keyboard, all of which I’m constantly moving from spot to spot.

Granted, the Panobook isn’t the cheapest of notebooks, so you have to be in the market for a high quality place for your notes and doodles. If you’re just after somewhere to write down shopping lists etc. it might not be for you. There are a few other thoughtful features they’ve added to the notebook which I won’t go into here, but what I will mention is the slip case that comes with each notebook. These seems great for people who, like me, keep all notebooks for future reference:

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Anyway, I’ll leave you to watch their video and make up your own mind about Panobook. To find out more visit their Kickstarter campaign here.