T2 Nimbles, T1 Cutting Mats, Stickers, Carry Bags & An update on the potential delay

T2 Nimble Samples & T1 Cutting Mat Samples

We received T2 samples of Nimble recently and the first samples of the Cutting Mat and they look and feel great! Check out the pic from our Instagram account below.



You might be able to see a faint cut mark or two on the mat, this was because I was testing it vigorously just before this photo was taken (Result? It worked a treat!)

Both the T2 Nimbles and the T1 Cutting Mat look and feel pretty much exactly how we want them to. The only thing is that these samples weren’t colour matched to our Pantone choices.

Speaking of which, I received 200 colour matched samples today…

200 sample Nimble parts arrived today from the factory! It’s gluing time now…

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IMPORTANT: There is a Possibility of Missing The December Shipping Date (read on for more info)

In our last update we mentioned a potential speedbump in production caused by the blades being not up to scratch.

To recap, this was due to the blades not being sharpened enough during manufacture which meant that Nimble couldn’t cut through plastic and paper smoothly – instead it was more “catching and tearing” than cutting.

Obviously this wasn’t good enough, so we requested that the blades be ground down further to form a sharper blade. This was when the factory came back to us with an updated (and unexpected) production schedule for the samples and the main production run that was muchlonger than the original schedule.

After negotiations we found a way to reduce the production time by 25% but this still wasn’t enough. So, in an attempt to set things right as soon as possible, I flew one of the production managment team members over to the factory last week so they could sit down with the factory managers and try their best to come up with a workaround together.

This appears to have worked as right now it’s looking like the factory should have the Kickstarter Nimbles ready by November 28th (the other Nimbles are being produced afterwards). We’re then flying these straight to our fulfilment guys in Manchester who will send packages out pronto. Hopefully reaching everyone by the 2nd and 3rd weeks of December.

However, in the interest of transparency I should say we’re cutting it very fine now and so any further delays from the factory will mean that we will almost certainly miss our December ship date. 

Fingers-crossed this doesn’t happen though! I’ll keep you posted in any case.

Please comment below, direct message me or email kickstarter@version22.com with any questions or concerns you have regarding this production update.



Packaging Sample & Spec Ready to Send to Manufacturer

We got the details of the exact thickness of cardboard the factory will be using which has enabled our package designer to make tiny changes to certain dimensions of the packaging.

To the naked eye these changes might not be visible but they will certainly make a difference in the ease in which the packaging can be assembled on the production line. This means all the Nimbles can be produced and packaged faster and be on their way to you guys sooner!

We’ve got pricing back from the factory for the packaging and it is pretty much in-line with what we expected so we’ve frozen the designs and sent over all the files and specifications they need.



Nimble Stickers Going Into Production

We have found a UK-based manufacturer who is able to produce the exact stickers we’re after and the samples they’ve sent over look brilliant! We placed an order for several thousand of these stickers last week.

An extra bit of good news is that because the production cost for the stickers was lower than expected we’ve been able to increase the size of your stickers by making them longer and so hopefully even more useful!

Here’s the final design (you can see the Nimble icon has been updated to match the new design).

New Nimble Stickers



Canvas Bags Are Going Into Production

We have also settled on a manufacturer to produce our cotton carry bags and have been very happy with the samples they’ve produced in the past. We’ve sent them a new design using the new Nimble icon and they’ve produced some updated samples for us which we got today. We’re really pleased with the quality and so are going to kick-off production of the canvas bags this week.

The latetest (and greatest) Nimble Carry Bag Samples



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