Geco Hub is coming together nicely

20150909-first lot of product (2)

Since the very beginning the Geco Hub project has come up against some pretty big obstacles. With everything from material requirement miscalculations and tooling trouble to error-prone samples and manufacturing glitches, it’s safe to say it’s been a bumpy ride.

Now the manufacturers aren’t the only ones to blame for this delay. As this is the first product I’ve brought to market my lack of experience has no doubt played some part. It’s been a steep learning curve that’s for sure!

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

You see the end is now in sight as Geco Hub is starting to come together… literally!

Last week the manufacturers  started assembling the first Geco Hubs off the production line, a task they’re set to finish next week. After that it’s time for them to begin their long journey to the UK.

Individual Geco Hub components hot off the press

20150910-Geco hub packaging (3)

An assembled Geco Hub going into it’s packaging

20150910-Geco hub packaging (2)

Geco Hub boxed and ready to go

20150910-Geco hub packaging (1) Geco Hubs grouped together for easier handling (and extra protection) during transit

So what happens when they land in the UK?

When the Geco Hubs (almost a tonne of them) arrive at the Version 22 offices it’s going to be all hands on deck for a few days. A bunch of us will check them for quality and add in all the extras (adhesive pads, screws and wall plugs etc) to get them ready for shipping.

With over 700 to sort through this is a mammoth task, but fortunately I’ve got plenty of people to help me out with this bit!

And then?

Then Geco Hubs will be out for delivery to all Kickstarter backers (then pre-orders) worldwide to over 25 countries.

Bring. It. On!