First off the mark

Geco Hub T0 samples (6)

Yesterday I got some very exciting news in the form of photographs. Any guesses?

Okay I’ll tell you, they were photos of one of the first Geco Hubs produced using our new mould!

So we’re ready to start producing Geco Hubs now, right…? Well not quite.

In fact these first samples – “T0” samples if you want to use the engineering lingo – are just a test of the mould and the production cycle. A test to see what happens when the injection moulding machine is turned on and used with the new mould in place. T0 samples are great for highlighting any big issues early on so any relevant changes needed can be made to the mould much quicker and much more cheaply than if the mould was fully finished first.

Problems experienced at this stage can be things like:

  • A short shot – When the molten plastic fails to fill the mould before it cools and hardens
  • Highly visible flow marks – When the direction the plastic flowed when filling the mould is visible as a series of lines in the part
  • Blisters – When, due to the mould design or machine settings, air bubbles form below the surface of the part
  • Problems with ejection – The part may not be released from the mould as easily as intended, or it may deform when being pushed out.

Fortunately it looks like we’ve not been stopped in our tracks by any of these problems which is great!

Anyway, below are the first pictures I got of these T0 samples.

This is a T0 sample of the backboard part of Geco Hub (it won’t be black don’t worry, this is just test material). You can see the marks the CNC machine made when producing the tool, these will be removed before production begins.

Geco Hub T0 samples (4)

This is a  view of the flexible fin component from the underside. Again don’t worry, they won’t be this colour!


This is a T0 sample of the disc, the logo is looking great already!

Geco Hub T0 samples (2)

And finally, a partly assembled T0 Geco Hub!

So what’s next? Well T1 samples – samples with the correct surface finish – will be produced soon.