Version 22 is heading to Hannover!


What’s in Hannover? Well a number of amazing buildings for starters, like this one for example…

Or even this crazy thing…


But… Hannover is also home to Hannover-Messe, an annual trade show for manufacturers that is the largest of its kind, in the World! Manufacturers from all corners of the globe come to Hannover-Messe every year to show off their new technologies, capabilities and materials. This is exactly what I’ll be going to Hannover to see.

Over a few days next week I will be speaking to as many different manufacturers from around the world as possible, getting to know their capabilities, taking home samples of their work and building up an invaluable list of potential suppliers for Version 22’s products – both present and future.

I’ll be sure to catch you all up on what I got up to when I’m back, but until then I’ll leave you with a highlights video from last year’s event!