I just spotted this on my travels

I just spotted this on my travels through the web and it made me smile. I can totally relate to what Mr Wilde meant.
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IfOnly Competition Success

Recently I entered one of Version 22’s current projects into the National “If Only" product design competition and was very surprised and honoured to be awarded first place at the UX User Experience Conference! The funding I got will help…

What's the best way to protect your idea?

Last time we covered patents, how they can be useful and why you should consider getting one to protect your idea. Before you dive straight in with the patenting process however you should first consider if a patent really is the best thing…


Let’s play a word association game. Me: “Patents.” You: “Inventions.” Me: “Patent attorneys.” You: “Expensive.” Me: “Patent infringement.” You: “VERY expensive.” Me: “Patent trolls.” You: “Everywhere.” Of…