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Geco Hub


Limited Availability

Geco Hub – The colourful organiser that bends over backwards to make sure you find what you want, when you need it. 

Geco Hub saves you time otherwise spent looking for things when you need them (remember that coupon you meant to keep hold of?)

One of the best places for Geco Hub is by the front or back door. There you can rest assured that what you need is waiting for you on your way out.

The things you use all the time that should be kept separate from everything else? Geco Hub loves looking after them for you.

Tired of DIY, tools and mess? Geco Hub can be installed without all that in just a few minutes.

Unlike shelves and other bulky wall mounted storage units, Geco Hub’s compact shape can fit into even the most awkward spaces.

Geco Hub’s ease of installation means you can start to be creative with where you put it… and how you use it. A phone charging station and cable tidy? Why not?

Geco Hub’s components are interchangeable and each Geco Hub unit is modular. This means you can customise your Geco Hub installation whenever you want to – all without a single tool.

Geco Hub’s isn’t just for the home either. Its secure grip means your belongings stay where they’re meant to even when you’re on the move.

As well as being customisable and fun to use, Geco Hub’s clever flexible matrix is strong too – it’s determined to keep your things safe.

So, what will you store in your Geco Hub…?


(H) 25.4cm x (W) 25.4cm x (D) 6cm



Maximum Weight of Items:


Method of Installation:

Removable adhesive pads or screw

Maximum Size of Items Stored:

As a general rule items 2cm thick or less can be stored easily. Rounded items that can be stored end on could be slightly larger than this. See examples in the pictures for ideas!


Silicone rubber and ABS

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