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  • Nimble’s Trip to REHACARE: Day 5

    Today was the last day of Rehacare and we were exhausted before we even got there! As soon as we got going again talking to passers-by though we perked up and were back in the swing of things. It was rainy outside which, unusually, was good for us! This was because more members of the …

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  • Nimble’s Trip to REHACARE: Day 4

    With the weather not so great today we were hopeful more people would head inside to Rehacare to steer clear of the rain. Whether it was this that caused the hustle and bustle or not we’ll never know but today was certainly busy! We met people from Turkey, the Netherlands and Italy who all loved …

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  • Nimble’s Trip to REHACARE: Day 3

    After a late evening dinner in Old Town (the trendy district of Dusseldorf) yesterday talking business with the other exciting companies exhibiting at Rehacare, it was a tough start this morning to say the least! Old Town, Düsseldorf We arrived just before the visitors entered the show grounds and got everything setup for the day. …

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  • Find Out What Everyone is Talking about this Winter

      The team’s recent visit to the OT-Show late last year allowed us to get to know and connect with our Trade Show Neighbours. One in particular was 2A Publishing, who edit and print PosAbility, The OT, and TradePoint Magazines.   We got the chance to speak with the team at the Trade Show and …

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  • Nimble in BHS (British Home Stores)

    Through a chance contact, Simon had a meeting with a Retail Manager at BHS (British Home Stores) in October, and they expressed a keen interest in trialing Nimble in four of their stores throughout the Christmas season! Straight after that initial meeting it was all hands on deck to get things ready; producing another 1,000 Nimbles …

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  • The OT Show 2015 Low-Down

    A little over a month after the last trade show, we were back at it again, but this time in the not-so-distant venue of the NEC in Birmingham. The Occupational Therapy Show was bursting at its seams with a mix of therapists and parents visiting, along with a wide variety of exhibitors and seminar classes.   …

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  • Rehacare Roundup 2015

    I got back from the Rehacare tradeshow in Düsseldorf over a week ago and you know what…? I’m still recovering. That’s right, 8 days later and I’m still exhausted from exhibiting at the show. Why? Well there’s a good reason really… the show went brilliantly! All in all Rehacare was 4 solid days of meeting new …

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  • We’re going to Dusseldorf! But why?

    That’s right, later this year Version 22 will be heading to Düsseldorf, Germany for 5 days… This is Düsseldorf, I’ve never been but it looks like a nice place! Why are we going to Düsseldorf though? One word… Rehacare. Rehacare is one of the world’s largest, if not the largest trade-shows for rehabilitation, prevention, inclusion and care, with exhibitors …

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  • Fun at the Mobility Roadshow 2015

    Last week was a very exciting and tiring one… it was the first time I took pre-orders for Nimble in person! From Thursday until Saturday I was exhibiting Nimble at the Mobility Roadshow at Donington Park (yes, the race track!). The Mobility Roadshow is one of the best shows in the UK for seeing what’s …

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