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  • Things We Like: A Plastic Bag Made from Plants

    Plastic bags are bad. Everyone knows this now. The carrier bag charge was introduced in all supermarkets in the UK in 2015 to reduce the number that were being used and disposed of each day. There are still however thousands upon thousands going into landfill every year, where undoubtably they take decades to disintegrate, often …

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  • Things We Like: 3D Printed Casts

    Hot, itchy, heavy, cumbersome… What am I describing? Plaster casts of course! Image courtesy of Walker Agency Zurich Though I haven’t broken any bones requiring a cast yet (touch wood), I’ve heard from friends and learnt through observation that they’re not pleasant things at all. What’s more is that they often have to be cut …

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  • Things We Like: Contributing to medical research whilst you sleep!

    I’m not normally one to talk tech and software – I’m all about physical products as you know – But I couldn’t resist sharing this app with you. It’s called BOINC and I downloaded on the spot the other day after reading about it. Why? Because it lets you contribute to the world of scientific …

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  • Things We Like: Flow Hive

    Let’s talk bees. Bees fly around from flower to flower, they’re quite cute (come on admit it, they are) they can sometimes sting, and many of them make honey. You want to know something else about bees? They’re in danger. Yes that’s right, bees are currently in decline and we rely on them more than …

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  • Things We Like: The Superbook

    This Kickstarter campaign has got me the most excited I’ve been about a crowdfunding project in a long time. Why? Because they’re offering is what looks like a very flash, highly portable and very versatile laptop for under $100 (and, even with shipping to the UK, almost under £100 too!) A laptop for £100? How …

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  • Things We Like: Orbitkey 2.0

    Orbitkey 2.0 is a simple looking device that does a wondrous thing. It takes your messy, jangly, jumble of keys and turns them into a sleek swiss-army-knife-style package. What’s more, it also comes with the option of included accessories such as a bottle opener… Or a USB stick… As well as being a handy way …

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  • Things We Like: Sugru… plasticine squared

    Sugru, invented by a lady from Ireland called Jane, is clever stuff. Simply put, Sugru is a splendid clay-like material when you take it out of the pack, which hardens to form a tough rubber once you've moulded it to shape. You can use Sugru for anything from fixing broken things, to making stuff you [...] More  →
  • Things We Like: Nike’s new “Back To The Future” self-tightening shoes (and why they aren’t a gimmick)

    Recently Nike announced the launch of a new range of trainers called Hyperadapt 1.0. Now I’m not one who normally has a particular interest in shoes but these instantly caught my eye. Why? Because they have tiny motors and a battery embedded in them that allow the shoes to self-tighten around your feet! See what …

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  • Things We Like: Plastic Bottle Cutter by Pavel & Ian

    The Plastic Bottle Cutter by Pavel & Ian is one of those ideas that is just so wonderfully simple. With only a handful of components you can convert used plastic bottles destined for the recycling center so they can have a second lease of life in your hands first. How? By converting the bottles into long …

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  • Things We Like: Tio

    “Things We Like” is us (Version 22) sharing other cool products from around the world that we think solve a real problem. Recently I stumbled across Tio on Kickstarter and instantly got the idea and what exactly was driving its three creators. Simply put, these guys are on a mission to inspire tomorrow’s inventors. Tio, in essence, …

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