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  • Geco Hub has left the building

    Brilliant news… after what has been one of the busiest months in the history of Version 22, Geco Hub is finally out for delivery! The Short Story The Geco Hubs are due at our chosen fulfillment center tomorrow where in 2-5 working days they will be dispatched via courier to all Kickstarter backers and website …

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  • Geco Hub is coming together nicely

    Since the very beginning the Geco Hub project has come up against some pretty big obstacles. With everything from material requirement miscalculations and tooling trouble to error-prone samples and manufacturing glitches, it’s safe to say it’s been a bumpy ride. Now the manufacturers aren’t the only ones to blame for this delay. As this is …

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  • The T1 Geco Hub sample has landed

    Today is a very exciting day… When I got in this morning there was a parcel waiting for me from our manufacturer containing the T1 Geco Hub sample complete with packaging! The Geco Hub packaging   The T1 sample   A close up of one of the discs The T1 parts fit together brilliantly and …

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  • First off the mark

    Yesterday I got some very exciting news in the form of photographs. Any guesses? Okay I’ll tell you, they were photos of one of the first Geco Hubs produced using our new mould! So we’re ready to start producing Geco Hubs now, right…? Well not quite. In fact these first samples – “T0” samples if …

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  • Geco Hub Tooling

    I have some great news to share – earlier this week I heard that the factory have finished tooling the Geco Hub moulds! This is the process used to make the moulds which will in turn be used to make the Geco Hub components. Here are the first few pictures they sent through, though not …

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  • Getting Flexible

    If you follow the Version 22 blog you may know that we invested in a 3D printer late last year to help with product development and prototyping. The first project of which was the design for the new Geco Hub Kickstarter key-ring! I’ve been making great use of the 3D printer since then. Printing all …

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  • Packaging Design

    It’s official… the packaging design has just been sent to the manufacturer! The next step is for them to produce a few samples so we can check everything is in order (and most importantly that Geco Hub fits inside properly) before we can get an initial production run underway. I know you’re all dying to …

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  • Resisting the temptation to make a box fort

    This week has been all about packaging – packaging, packaging, packaging. Packaging for what you ask? While Geco Hub of course! After production of the Geco Hubs themselves got underway last week I set myself the task of finding the perfect way to protect each and every Geco Hub during its journey around the world …

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  • The perfect gift?

    A few weeks back I was working on the production schedule for Geco Hub and thought to myself it was such a shame that Geco Hub won’t arrive in time to spread the Christmas spirit this year… So I decided to do something about that! Introducing the Geco Hub gift card I had heaps of …

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  • A morning with Young Enterprise and a whole bunch of students

    A week or so back I was asked last minute by Young Enterprise if I wanted to give a talk to a room full of university and college students about what it’s like to run your own business. And…? Well like with any such opportunity I jumped at the chance and said yes! What did …

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  • Geco Hub all glammed up for a photo-shoot

    Last week I booked some time with a professional photographer at his Studio in Loughborough to help capture Geco Hub in all its glory. Over the course of several hours we photographed the Geco Hub prototypes from different angles, in different colours and with all sorts of props! Here’s a select few photos from the …

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  • Your Free Geco Hub is Waiting

    Living in the UK? Enter today for the chance to win a free Geco Hub in your choice of colour! There are 5 £5 off vouchers up for grabs too. Entering is really simple and only takes a minute. Simply click the image below to get started over on Facebook. [COMPETITION ENDS DECEMBER 2ND 2015] …

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