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  • Inventor Insights: A Q&A with Studio Neat, the guys behind SIX successful Kickstarter campaigns.

      Dan Provost (left) & Tom Gerhardt (right), co-founders of  Studio Neat   I first came across Studio Neat and their products in 2010 when they launched their first Kickstarter campaign for the Glif, a tripod mount for the iPhone 4. At the time, Kickstarter was in its infancy and hadn’t really had anyone looking …

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  • Packaging Prototyping and a New Nimble Accessory

    Whilst we’re waiting for our latest prototype to get delivered from China (expected any day now), I’ve been working on a side project that’s part of the Nimble family.       INTRODUCING THE NIMBLE CUTTING MAT The silicon-based cutting mat has been designed to go hand-in-hand with Nimble. Although it’s safe on skin, Nimble …

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  • Crowdfunding Campaign of the Week: Lime Smart Lock

    This week's crowdfunding campaign of choice is the Lime Smart lock. I've been interested in smart locks for a while but the ones I've previously seen seemed to have too many shortcomings for my liking. For example with some smart locks the only method available to open the door is by using your smart phone, but [...] More  →
  • Things We Like: Sugru… plasticine squared

    Sugru, invented by a lady from Ireland called Jane, is clever stuff. Simply put, Sugru is a splendid clay-like material when you take it out of the pack, which hardens to form a tough rubber once you've moulded it to shape. You can use Sugru for anything from fixing broken things, to making stuff you [...] More  →
  • We’re having fun on Instagram!

    I have been an Instagrammer for a while now (the first Version 22 post shown below was back in early 2014) and I love it! Maybe it's time to put these to good use and take my work outside. #mobileoffice #funinthesun A photo posted by Version 22 (@version22design) on May 20, 2014 at 3:48am PDT [...] More  →
  • Things We Like: Plastic Bottle Cutter by Pavel & Ian

    The Plastic Bottle Cutter by Pavel & Ian is one of those ideas that is just so wonderfully simple. With only a handful of components you can convert used plastic bottles destined for the recycling center so they can have a second lease of life in your hands first. How? By converting the bottles into long …

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  • Things We Like: Tio

    “Things We Like” is us (Version 22) sharing other cool products from around the world that we think solve a real problem. Recently I stumbled across Tio on Kickstarter and instantly got the idea and what exactly was driving its three creators. Simply put, these guys are on a mission to inspire tomorrow’s inventors. Tio, in essence, …

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  • 6 Low-Cost Things Anyone Can Use to Make Ideas Reality

    Nowadays there are literally thousands of tools, tricks and materials at everyone’s disposal when developing new product ideas. Some are free, some affordable and some ludicrously expensive. Here are 6 affordable (or free) things I use on a regular basis to help take products from idea to reality.   1. A Good Sketchbook (around £10) …

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  • Geco Hub is coming together nicely

    Since the very beginning the Geco Hub project has come up against some pretty big obstacles. With everything from material requirement miscalculations and tooling trouble to error-prone samples and manufacturing glitches, it’s safe to say it’s been a bumpy ride. Now the manufacturers aren’t the only ones to blame for this delay. As this is …

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  • Nimble testing is off to a flying start!

    You probably know by now – well I hope you do anyway – that Nimble field testing started a little over a week ago, when more than 140 Nimble tester packs were sent all over the UK and even as far as the US. Well, since then the feedback has been amazing. Just today in …

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  • Inclusive Technology Prize Update

    The Version 22 blog has been quiet for the last few weeks and I’m sorry about that. The reason, lots going on! Nimble and Geco Hub are in the very final stages of production so several things have been happening in parallel. While we wait for our manufacturer to make final preparations for production of …

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  • Getting Nimble

    This time last week I got into The Studio to find a small, unassuming parcel on my desk. Inside that parcel was… Another, smaller parcel. But inside that parcel? The first professionally produced Nimble components! A few seconds of frantic assembly later and *BOOM!*

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