Introducing Geco Hub

More compact than shelves and free from the clutter of counter tops and coffee tables, Geco Hub is a place just for the important things.

Geco Hub can be installed in the best place for you to have your belongings at hand when and where you need them most.

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You choose how to install your Geco Hub

The Geco Hub system is expandable

A single 5 x 5 Geco Hub unit works great on its own but add another to make 5 x 10, or add two 5 x 10 units together to make 10 x 10 and together they can hold more than they ever can apart

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Where would you use it…?

1In your bedroom for your phone, charger and earphones

2In your kitchen for your phone, charger and earphones

3By your desk for staplers, rubbers and pens

4In your bathroom for toothbrushes, flannels and shavers

5In your workshop for your spirit level, pliers and screwdrivers

6In your studio as an interactive ideas board

7On your boat to keep stuff from sliding around!

Your Geco Hub, unique to you

Geco Hub comes in 5 different colours, and having more than one means you can customise how they look too, stripes, checkers, squares, letters… it’s up to you!

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